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A Cheerleader's Guide for a Refreshed New Year - CheerTime 101
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A Cheerleader’s Guide for a Refreshed New Year

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Sometimes life can get so hectic to the point that we neglect ourselves.  Going to work, school, cooking, cleaning, homework, practice and before you know it, you’re doing it all again the next day. If you’re like me, 2013 flew by, leaving you to realize, “I need a mental make over!”

Start the year off refreshed, organized and happy…

Step 1: Breathe

Something so natural and easy in reality can be so difficult. I find myself on the go so much that I forget to breathe. I constantly have to remind myself to take deep breaths so I can relax. Breathing has been proven to have many health benefits, and most importantly, it helps reduce stress which can be extremely damaging. You can find many articles online about breathing techniques, however, if you’re too busy to do the research ; ) just find a few minutes to stop and take a deep breath from time to time. You will find that it truly helps you relax.

Step 2: Organize your life

I’ve noticed that my stress level decreases when my house is organized. Many times when I get home all I see are toys, clothes and dishes everywhere. After a stressful day at work, I want to go home and relax, not clean. So this past Christmas break I took the time to find bins and baskets to help me organize. The cabinets, the laundry room, books, toys, clothes, wherever the chaos builds up, it can be organized. If you’re still a student and still living at home with mom and dad, the same goes for you too. Organize your room, your backpack or binder. You’ll be surprised to find that order can take you a long way.

Step 3: Take a walk

They say exercise is an outlet for stress. And even if you’re not the most active person in the world, I gaurantee you will feel amazing after a simple walk around the block. When you wake up on a Saturday morning, or even after work/school, simply take a stroll to clear your mind and breath in the fresh air. This is a great way to reset your brain.

Step 4: Drink water

Keep your body feeling refreshed and hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Water has a ton of benefits. Overall, it helps keep our bodies running the way they should. I know we all love our coffee and sodas, but try to make sure that you are keeping your system happy with what it needs.

Step 5: Take a day to reset

Ask yourself, “What makes me happy?” Honestly, I love shopping alone. It allows me to clear my mind and relieve stress. I also love painting and crafting. Whatever your hobby may be or sports you may like, find a way to do it just for you. Sometimes we all just need “Me” time to reset our minds.

Step 6: Create a peaceful and relaxing environment

After taking the time to organize my home over the Christmas break, I also redecorated my living room. I changed my cold and contemporary space into a chic and cozy one by simply adding candles, changing out throw-pillows and adding a few pieces of furniture. I made sure that I chose soft colors to make it feel warm and welcoming. This is what worked for me and my personality, but make sure that you choose room décor that allows you to relax.

So take a cheer time out for yourself and get yourself ready for an amazing 2014!

Love and Cheers!


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