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Top Five FAQs about Professional Cheerleading - CheerTime 101
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Top Five FAQs about Professional Cheerleading

Screenshot 2014-01-03 21.15.101) Do you need technical or gymnastics training?

Technical training is great and beneficial to have, however, not completely necessary.   I had zero technical training growing up, however, prior to auditioning for my first pro team, I made sure that I worked on mastering a double turn and various leaps.  Tumbling is of course a plus, but is rarely mandatory for a pro team.  One thing to keep in mind is that most professional cheerleading teams are really dance teams, and in most cases you will find that pro cheer teams do not actually cheer.

2) Is cheerleading a sport?

When competition is involved, cheerleading and dance can for sure be considered a sport.   Competitive cheer and dance requires so much practice time, and training—just like any other sport.  With professional cheerleading however, the goal is to put on a great show for the fans.

3) What are the perks to professional cheerleading?

The perks for each team will vary.  However, with each team that I have been on, I have always received free hair care and make-up.  Some teams offer free gym memberships, access to local boot camps, free spa services, and hair products as well.  When the team sells products such as calendars—there are also more perks such as travel, room and board, and per diem/unlimited food.

4) Do you love what you do?

The professional cheerleaders that stick around definitely love what they do.  It is a job that does not pay much, yet has so many rewards.  Most cheerleaders love what they do because they love to dance, they love performing, they share common goals and interests with their teammates, and enjoy the exciting world of sports.

5) How much do cheerleaders get paid?

The amount cheerleaders get paid varies with each team.  However, expect to be paid as if it were a part time job, even though it may feel like a full time job.  On one team I received pay hourly.  And on the other, it was a flat pay rate for games.  Appearance pay offers more money depending on whether or not it is a paid appearance or charity appearance.
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