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Top Five Questions You Should Ask Before You Consider Professional Cheerleading - CheerTime 101
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Top Five Questions You Should Ask Before You Consider Professional Cheerleading


1) What is my motive?

You should be motivated and driven by your passion to perform.  When you truly love what you do, you will find that you are unstoppable, and will do anything to achieve the outcome you desire.  Performing is the foundation and heart to cheerleading.

2) Will cheerleading change my life?

Cheerleading will for sure change your life—in that you will build  many lasting friendships and connections.  However, do not expect professional cheerleading to give you a financial boost.  Throughout college, cheerleading served as my part time job.  Because of cheerleading I had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii, China and Mexico.  I have also met so many people that have changed my life for the better.   One thing to remember is that people would perform for free or even pay to be a pro cheerleader—so simply enjoy the perks and have fun.

3) Does cheerleading require a lot of work?

You will definitely have to work hard with professional cheerleading.  You will be overwhelmed with a ton of choreography, and you will be expected to retain that choreography.  In addition to that, you will have to have the stamina and endurance that is required to execute the choreography during performances.  Cheerleaders will also most likely be required to appear at events to meet and greet or volunteer for community appearances.   And although you are dancing for a workout—many cheerleaders still find it necessary to maintain consistent workouts to ensure that their body fits the uniform appropriately.   Overall, professional cheerleading is a part time job that requires full time efforts and responsibilities.

4) Does my everyday life have time for the demands of cheerleading?

Professional cheerleading is very demanding of ones time.  However, I am living proof that even with a demanding schedule, a balance can be achieved.  My last two years as a professional cheerleader—I was a full-time mommy, teacher, and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  I also knew of other women who maintained a balance with other professions as well.  Although a rigorous schedule is possible to maintain with cheering, it is still very important to be realistic.  Ensure that your schedule does allow for practices, games, appearances, and if you have children—quality time with your family.

5) Am I interested in professional cheerleading for the right reasons?

It is very important to want to be a cheerleader for the right reasons.  Auditioning for the wrong reasons may lead to one having an unsatisfying season.  It all goes back to the number one question—“what is my motive?”  And your motive should come from that initial love for performing and dancing.
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