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Headed to Practice or Working Out Soon? Try Eating An Orange! - CheerTime 101
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Headed to Practice or Working Out Soon? Try Eating An Orange!


About 15-20 minutes prior to your practice or workout—try grabbing an orange.  An orange has just enough calories to get you through a quick workout without leaving you bothered by an empty stomach or low energy.  I never work out on a full stomach due to feeling heavy and bloated, nor do I ever work out on an empty stomach because of fatigue.  So why not find a happy medium and try something natural, nutritious and light?  Not only are oranges full of water, which is great for replacing lost fluids, but oranges are also full of vitamin c—the vitamin responsible for replacing collagen in our muscles.  As dancers and cheerleaders, things like leaps, toe touches and high kicks are constantly tearing our hamstrings.  The micro tears in the hamstrings prevent us from performing to our full potential.  So again, add a little citrus to your active day, and you will see the benefits.

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Quick Tip:

  • Eat one orange 15-30 minutes prior to your practice or workout.

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