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Audition Tip: Keep It Professional - CheerTime 101
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Audition Tip: Keep It Professional

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Audition season is here!  So get your checklist out…

Registration… Check!

Audition outfit… Check!

Headshot… Check!

Social Media… Wait social media???

Yes social media…  It can be your best friend or worst enemy.

One of our CheerTime101 followers asked a great question about posting pictures on social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Did you ever think that these outlets could prevent you from making the team?  If not, analyze what you have posted, and determine whether or not your posts are professional.  If you’re not sure, it wouldn’t hurt to play it safe–so you may want to remove it.

What is professionalism?

Professionalism is ones ability to make good judgment, produce good behavior, and to perform a job well.

You must remember that organizations are looking for individuals who will represent their brand without having to face any scrutiny or backlash regarding their cheerleaders’ choices–in or out of the uniform.  The decisions that you make will reflect that organization–so if you think you’re ready to go pro, then make sure you’re ready to be “pro”fessional.

So with that…

  • Make good decisions and choices.
  • Respect yourself and others.
  • Don’t go “Like” crazy.  Especially when it comes to random advertisements. But, you can of course “Like” my material–it’s clean : )
  • Make sure that your posts are clean and professional ; ) 

Good Luck!

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