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Making The Team: Never Give Up On Your Dreams - CheerTime 101
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Making The Team: Never Give Up On Your Dreams

To all of my CheerTime101 followers in hopes of making the team… Dionna is living proof that passion and work ethic make dreams come true–so never give up on your dreams.

Five years ago, I decided that I wanted to audition for a professional team. I’d looked into a few teams in the area, and ultimately decided that the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders was the team I wanted to audition for. I had no idea what to expect, so I auditioned, hoping I would make it, but at the end of the day I did not. I expected to leave that day with a feeling of sadness or negativity, but what I experienced was the opposite. It added fuel to the fire of my passion for dance. I HAD to be a part of the team, no matter what. I spent a year getting as prepared as possible, with the help of a love/hate (but mostly love) relationship with trainer Bill, and the infamous fish and spinach diet among other things. In 2010, when I did make the team, I was so excited to perform and see football up close! What I was not prepared for was truly having the experience of a lifetime. This journey has taken me so many places… across town to the best stadium in the league, and all across the world supporting our military. From being a clueless rookie to becoming a captain, I have loved every moment of being a part of this team. (Well.. maybe excluding agility testing in 113 degree weather!) I came into this experience not knowing many people here in Arizona, and I am leaving with memories to last a lifetime, and my absolute best friends. To the women auditioning today, whether you make the team now or 5 years from now, know that it’s so much more than the pom poms. You’re going to be part of a legacy, and I promise that all the work you put in, you’ll get back tenfold. Today, I become an alumni of the most incredible team I could have ever imagined being a part of, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have represented this organization for 4 years. Go Cardinals!!!

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