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NFL Cheerleader Auditions: What Are They Looking For? The Gotham City Cheerleaders (New York Unofficials) - CheerTime 101
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NFL Cheerleader Auditions: What Are They Looking For? The Gotham City Cheerleaders (New York Unofficials)

I’ve been through it all… Cheerleading tryouts, dance company auditions, and pro cheerleading auditions.  So what were they looking for?

Here is the inside scoop on what the directors and judges are looking for…

The Gotham City Cheerleaders (NY Unofficials: Unofficial Dancers of the NY Giants)

 By Sasha Agent

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The Gotham City Cheerleaders (aka NY Unofficials/Unofficial Dancers of the NY Giants) are the first professional cheer team to ever support the NY Giants. We were established in 2011 by former Washington Redskins Cheerleader, Ana De Villegas. We attend every NY Giants home game and work hard to show the world what kinds of positives a cheerleading squad can bring to an NFL team. The ultimate goal is to be asked to become the official cheerleaders for the New York Giants. In order for us to achieve that goal, we are dedicated to putting forth an exceptional product and letting Giants management see what a valuable part of the organization we can be. The GCC participates in a vast amount of charity events throughout the Tri-State area, as well international adventures. Last year, the GCC performed for two months in Mumbai, India on a live television show for the 2013 Indian Premier League. We also taught an intense two-day dance workshop followed by a set of auditions to nail a spot in the GCC Superbowl’s performance team in Tokyo, Japan.

The audition process begins February 11th

– The Gotham City Cheerleaders

See more from NY UnOfficials on YouTube!

See more from NY UnOfficials on YouTube!

Crowd Appeal:  Despite the fact that the Gotham City Cheerleaders do not dance and cheer on the sidelines, they still make their presence known all over the tri-state area performing for the die hard New York Giants fans.  Stadium or not, these women must have that extra crowd appeal due to having to perform for more intimate and smaller crowds.

  • Do they look well put together?
  • Do their expressions entertain the crowd and make them want to keep watching?
  • Do they look like they can serve as an ambassador to the organization?

Precision:  Precision, or accuracy when it comes to dancing is extremely important.  One thing to keep in mind about professional cheerleading is that pro cheerleaders are really dance teams.  Most pro cheerleaders grew up in the dance studio and are very familiar with dance technique.  With the Gotham City Cheerleaders, they are looking for dancers and cheerleaders that can perform not only as individuals, but also as a team.

  • Is their timing accurate with the music and counts?
  • Are they capable of dancing as a team?  Or do they stand out in a way that is distracting to the eye?
  • Do their motions and dance moves match those of the choreographer?  Or does the dancer lack the fundamentals skills when it comes to arm placement or technicality?

Power:  Power when dancing is a skill that is usually universal when it comes to professional cheerleading—and the New York Unofficials are no different.  They are looking for cheerleaders that can produce movements that are sharp, powerful and big!  This is a must for the enormous stadium they are performing within.  Click here for a tutorial on power.

Physical Appearance and Athletic Ability:  I would hate to be a judge when it comes to scoring based on physical appearance, because how can you score looks?  However, the reality is that physical appearance is another big part of being selected as a professional cheerleader.  The Gotham City Cheerleaders have beautiful women that seem to take care of their bodies.  Like many professional cheerleading teams, their uniform appears to be very unforgiving, therefore it is important to exercise regularly.   Click here for my 30 Day Pro Cheer Abdominal Challenge and here for pre-audition nutritional tips.

  • Do they look physically fit?  Or will their body compliment the team uniform?
  • Do they have enough stamina to perform with full energy for multiple performances?

Professionalism:  The Unofficials are looking for women with a “passion to dance, a desire to serve the community, and a love for sports.” This tells me that a big part of their selection relies heavily on professionalism.  Within any professional organization—especially when you are expected to represent that brand, it is very important to carry yourself professionally.  This means that you should appear as an individual that the team can be proud of.  In most cases, cheerleaders are expected to attend appearances, and represent the organization.  This means showing up on time with a smile on your face, and being able to answer questions, or handle situations in a manner that represent the team well.  For more on professionalism click here!

  • Can they speak to an audience in a professional manner?
  • Do they show signs of being prepared?  Did they show up on time with everything that was asked of them?

Dance Ability:  Many people think it doesn’t require any skill to be a cheerleader, however, when they show up to the open call audition, they are often surprised.  Professional cheerleading requires an extensive background in dance.  In most cases, you must have some knowledge in Jazz, Pom, and Hip Hop—NFL cheerleading is usually a combination of the three.  The Gotham City Cheerleaders look like they incorporate all three dance styles.

  • Does the individual demonstrate proper cheer and dance technique?
  • Are they able to catch on quickly to the choreography?  Can they perform the choreography after it was taught?


  1. Make sure you know who the cheerleaders’ directors are.  Click here for a list of the Gotham City directors.
  2. Check out the cheerleader website here and become familiar with it.
  3. Study the history and current football team facts.
  4. Watch videos of the cheerleaders to study their dance style.
  5. Work on building stamina by doing cardio at least 4 times a week.
  6. Study current events and be familiar with what’s going on in the local community of New York.
  7. Experiment with hair and make up and use their current cheerleaders as a guide.
  8. Work on getting abs by using my fitness resources.
  9. Purchase audition attire.
  10. Start working on eating well-balanced meals to keep your body energized–No crash dieting or fasting!
  11. Take choreography classes as much as you can.  Click here for a tutorial on power.

For more information on the Gotham City Cheerleaders and their audition process, click here!

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