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What To Eat Before Auditions - CheerTime 101
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What To Eat Before Auditions

                                                      ‘Twas the night before auditions…

What should I eat on the day of my audition?

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This has been a popular question from our CheerTime followers.  Here are some tips on what to eat prior to, and on your big day…

The day before…

The day before auditions, make sure that you really keep yourself hydrated.  Avoid sugary drinks and stick with water.  If you’re one who doesn’t normally take in 8 glasses of water a day—you may want to ensure that you drink plenty of water the day before so you are adequately hydrated.

The night before…

Make sure that you really consider what you put into your body the night before your big day.  For dinner, try eating a well-balanced meal that includes a rich protein source like chicken or fish.  Most importantly you will want to incorporate carbohydrates.  The carbs you take in the night before will serve as the fuel source for your muscles.  This will provide you with the energy needed to perform at your best the next day.

The morning of…

On the morning of your audition, eat a light, yet well-balanced breakfast.  Try eating a small bowl of oatmeal with berries and an egg on the side.  Sip on water as you get ready, and avoid gulping down large quantities of water to prevent bloating and needing to use the bathroom often.  Make sure that you don’t skip out on this meal.  Skipping breakfast will only leave you weak and fatigued.

What to pack…

For the actual audition, make sure that you pack light snacks that will keep you energized and fueled for your performance.  Consider packing Clementine Mandarins, or Oranges to help you with hydration, and even hunger.  Oranges are full of water, which is great for replacing lost fluids, they’re also full of vitamin c—the vitamin responsible for replacing collagen in our muscles. Pack mixed nuts (hold the salt) providing you with low carbs, yet still enough to give you much needed fuel.  You may also want to pack a light lunch– enough to satisfy your hunger, but also enough to keep you energized.  Consider packing a sandwich, or even a small spinach salad with chicken breast.  Protein bars are also convenient and come in handy when you are short on time.

Good Carbs

  • Bread
  • Pasta (You may also want to consider whole grain pastas)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (They contain other vitamins and fiber as well, however, avoid fruit like apples and vegetables like broccoli the day of to avoid bloating)
  • Nuts (non-salted)

Bad Carbs

  • Table sugar/Candy
  • Sweets (Save the sweets for your big celebration)
  • Sugary cereal/pastries


  • Don’t eat or drink in bulk prior to your audition—this will leave you feeling bloated, heavy and tired.


  • Do take in sips of water and healthy snacks every so often.  This will prevent you from running out of steam. 


  • Don’t eat a heavy or carb filled breakfast the day of your audition.  Pancakes, syrup, or waffles are out of the question!  Taking in too many carbs the day of will only leave you feeling bloated, heavy and tired.  Also, if dairy makes you bloat, make sure you don’t take any chances on this important day.


  • Do eat light and healthy on the day of the audition.  Try a small bowl of oatmeal with an egg, and a small serving of mixed berries.

Click here for more information on nutrition!

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