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Meet Former Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Allie! - CheerTime 101
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Meet Former Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Allie!


Do you still find ways to dance or perform? If so, how?

I love fitness and now am a fitness instructor! I am certified in Turbo Kick, RIPPED, and Piyo. I teach three times a week and truly enjoy it! I wouldn’t call that performing, but that is what I do now in place allie8of my dancing. I love teaching my fitness classes as well as inspiring, encouraging and motivating people to push themselves to become the best version of them!

What is your favorite social media outlet?

I like Facebook and Instagram the best! I do have a “like” page on Facebook for fitness motivation and fun recipes, etc.
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What is your must have beauty item?

I love Big Sexy Hairspray, and my teasing brush. I don’t go a day without having my poof!

Name 1 fitness tip you would recommend.

I definitely like to focus on mind-set! You have to believe in yourself and know that you are worth whatever you want to look and feel!  You must also set measurable goals!
I like to have what I call my goals journal. I write goals weekly. Even if I write the same ones over and over–I think321570_10150467250004050_766209049_10804438_1631653088_n repeating them helps me accomplish them. I never used to write my goals, but now that I do, it helps so much! I think one of the biggest things about fitness is staying consistent. Being consistent with your health and fitness is one of the most important things. This is why I became a fitness coach and a fitness instructor… I want to help those that might need the accountability and motivation–it’s what I love to do!

What performer would you drop everything for to go and see?

Justin Timberlake. He is an amazing performer all round!

Who is your favorite performer?

I always love watching Beyoncé perform!

What was your most memorable moment with the Arizona Cardinals?

I was an Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader for 5 years, so it’s so difficult to just pick one. The Cardinals went to the Super Bowl in 2009. Although we didn’t come home with a victory, it was an amazing experience. The Cardinals have a show team of about 12 girls that travel within the states and to different countries to perform, entertain and encourage the troops and their families. The time I was with the Cardinals, I was able to go to Japan, Korea, Guam, Hawaii, and Australia!
We also went to Fort Hood every year for our annual Christmas show. One of the biggest moments ever was when I was After PBC announcement!announced to go to Pro Bowl to represent the  2012 cheerleading team! This was an amazing honor and I still feel overwhelmed with joy when thinking of them announcing my name. I went to Hawaii for the week of Pro Bowl and got to meet my fellow NFL sisters from other teams.  Cheering on that field and attending all the appearances was such an awesome experience and something I will never forget. After Pro Bowl, I had the privilege of  going to Guam to support the troops on a military tour!

What advice would you give to future girls auditioning for the pro teams?

Take all the clinics you can that the teams hold before tryouts! Make friends with people there and soak in all the information that you learn. Always have a stand out outfit! Most of all, you have to believe in yourself and have so much fun! There have always been girls who don’t make it the 1st, 2nd, 3rd time around, and then they end up making it because they didn’t give up and learned from each tryout! Never give up if it’s something you really want!


My name is Allie and I have danced my whole life.  I grew up in the dance studio, yet also participated in cheerleading. I IMG951913did pop warner cheer, then Jr. High and High School. While continuing with studio dancing,  I ended up falling in love with all of the different styles.  I was involved in tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern. After High School, I wanted to continue with performing because I knew I wasn’t ready to give it up, so I cheered at Glendale Community College. During that time, I tried out for an AFL team, the Arizona Rattlers, and made it. After a year with the Rattlers, I got married, and took some time off. After being married a couple of years,  a part of me knew that I still wasn’t done performing, so I decided to try out for the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleading team. I made the team and cheered for 5 wonderful years! I loved all the girls and all the time we spent together at practices, the gym, and gatherings! I love the special sisterhood we had and it was so much fun being on a team that was really like a family. I was able to travel overseas with the show team to perform, encourage, and entertain the troops and their families–it was such a wonderful experience! Traveling the world and representing the Cardinals at Pro Bowl in 2012 were life changing experiences that I will never forget, and I am truly grateful for all of them! It was so hard to hang up the boots after that, but I felt like it was time.
Now I am part of a team of fitness coaches that love helping people with their health and fitness goals. It doesn’t matter if you work out now or not–we run fitness challenges on private Facebook group pages that keep you accountable and supported. If you are interested please contact me! There is IMG957043something for everyone! You can contact me through my Instagram, or Facebook page. We are here to help you find something that works specifically for you to help you succeed! I love helping others and finding a solution that works best for our clients. Whether you have a full-time job or even  kids, we can support you! Please don’t hesitate in contacting me, and just know I would love to help in any way that I can!

What’s your favorite quote?

I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

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