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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team Recap Ep. 2 - CheerTime 101
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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team Recap Ep. 2

Screenshot 2014-08-05 16.58.31In episode 2 of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team, we finally find out which candidates and vets make it to training camp. The episode begins with some of the finalist attending the infamous Kitty Carter’s dance class to brush up on their skills and put their solo to the test. As usual, Kitty is 110% honest, and gives them the brutal truth. We Screenshot 2014-08-19 18.25.44were introduced to Caila, a girl who grew up performing with the DCC while she was a Junior DCC. Kitty puts her on the spot and gives her a quick reality check when it comes to starting the dance routine. Next, the girls show off solos. Kitty seems to be impressed with a few routines, but provides harsh yet needed feedback for the rest of the girls. Kitty also tries to convince last year’s fan favorite, Vivian, to rethink performing a lyrical solo. Vivian decides to keep her solo while altering the technical elements she struggled with.

Panel interviews have always been my favorite–well my favorite to watch that is, because being interviewed for DCC was brutal–you Screenshot 2014-08-19 18.37.24never knew what curve ball they could possibly throw at you. They asked everything from, “What’s a fun fact about you?” to “How many yards on a football field”?  Like usual, a few girls featured had a fumble or two when it came to answering questions such as, 50 yards on a field, or selecting Africa as a European country to bring NFL football to… YIKES! A sweet girl, Erica Leigh, sparked the interest of Kelli as she revealed how her father passed away. Shannon from episode 1 also caught the judges attention with her admitting she was a die-hard Steelers fan–however, being honest I think won the judges over even more. Veteran Morgan is placed on the hot seat as she’s grilled about arriving past her call time. With the DCC, you’re late if you’re on time–so even though she made it for her interview, she most likely had to report 30-45 mins earlier. This was most likely detrimental for returning vet Morgan.

85 finalists total–30 returning vets and 55 TCCs would be taking center stage performing a minute and a half solo routine, plus the dance and kick combos taught from semi-finals. During the solo performances, candidate Melissa from Las Vegas, stood out from the crowd performing an incredible technical routine. Kelli even referenced her routine as one of the best she’s ever seen. Other standouts were vets Samantha, Jacie, Jinelle, and newcomer Erica. Finally, it was time to take it to the field which meant performing on the unforgiving big screen. The women are magnified as they are compared to each other and grouped by looks, in addition to being judged on their overall dance projection, power, kicks and splits.

Out of the featured women, a handful survived landing a spot as a training camp candidate… Voted this years fan favorite, former Mavs dancer Loren. Last year’s fan favorite, Vivian. Las Vegas rock star and SMU scholar, Melissa. Special Education teacher Alexandra. Dallas local, Breelan. Second time TCC, Ashley. Fort Worth local, Christina. And former Junior DCC, Caila.

Screenshot 2014-08-19 18.56.26The final round can also leave us heartbroken when former DCCs don’t make it back… Unfortunately, Alex, Courtni, and Morgan did not make the team.

This Friday’s episode will take us to the first day of training camp. The girls have a long summer ahead, and before you know it, we will get the inside scoop to see who survived the most difficult pro cheer audition.

To be continued…


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