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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team Recap Ep.3 - CheerTime 101
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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team Recap Ep.3

Screenshot 2014-08-05 16.58.31On episode 3 of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team, the vets and the TCCs head to Valley Ranch for the first meeting before training camp. 16 rookies and 27 vets fight to fill a spot on a team set for 36.

Kelli immediately stressed the importance of making every practice and event—and that there were zero excuses. She reminded the girls that it was a privilege to be where they were.

CourtneyCMT covers best friends Courtney and Erica. They happened to both make it to training camp and decided to become roommates. Erica attended Louisiana State University and was on the Tiger girl dance team. Courtney was a Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader for 3 years, and moved to Dallas hoping for a chance to become a DCC.

This year’s fan favorite was also introduced–TCC Loren, a high school dance teacher and former Mavs dancer.

Day one of rehearsal was incredibly intimidating like always. The rookies were marked in classic pink setting them clearly apart from the experienced vets. Rehearsal started with the traditional and exhausting across the floor kick sequence, which make the girls an easy target for Kelli and Judy. They strategically sit right at the side of the TCCs so they can get a detailed look at everyone’s kicks. Immediately they’re able to identify the girls who are struggling.

Kelli and Judy notice that Dallas local, Breelan, had a tendency to show fear in her face, and that Fort Worth native, Christina, was having difficulty with her kicks. Caila was critiqued by Judy for having heavy landings after kicks, and a few vets were also called out for having low flexibility.

Next, the girls learned the first half of the traditional pregame routine, Thunderstruck—which is Thundera pretty tough routine to learn on night one. The girls were immediately broken into groups to demonstrate their learning. Right away they complimented Loren on her great powerful style. And although Alexandra was having difficulty picking up the choreography, they complimented her beautiful long legs. Lacey from Southlake, TX  also stood out, and was complimented on her great presence.

On the other side of the spectrum, Caila was criticized on how stiff she was while dancing. Breelan had a lot of memory mistakes. Ashlee had a tendency to rush through the choreography, and Christina struggled a bit with learning.

Veteran Jennifer held an optional rookie practice before rehearsal at Valley Ranch, and she surprised the girls by bringing in special guest, former DCC and Dancing with the Stars Melissachampion, Melissa Rycroft. Melissa answered some questions, and honestly admitted that training camp was way more intense than Dancing with the Stars. She also announced that she would be with the girls throughout training camp to serve as their mentor and safety net.

Melissa first pulled out Christina because she saw that she was struggling. Christina revealed that she was dealing with a hamstring injury that was making her kicks tight. This is a very common injury with the DCC. I experienced the same thing from over kicking while training for auditions. Scar tissue build up from constant muscle tears caused discomfort and limited my flexibility. Melissa also pulled Breelan aside and urged her to go into rehearsal more confident.

maeganMeagan from Florida was finally introduced, and like Courtney, she was also a Tampa Bay cheerleader. After graduating from college, she decided to audition for her dream team, the DCC.

On night two, the girls were back at kicks and learned part 2 of the Thunderstruck pregame routine. Kelli introduced the girls to new groups by breaking them up by regions. Talented dancer and scholar, Melissa, was complimented on how she danced right along with the vets—bringing the West Coast region to a win!

And finally, the dreaded office calls… Veterans Hannah and the beautiful Veronica were caught off guard and called in for weight. TCC Alexandra was also called in, and was told that she needed to pick up the choreography a bit faster.  Again, these girls are learning a ton of choreography and performing immediately after learning in front of Kelli and Judy—enough pressure to make anyone mess up. Christina was also called in for her low kicks, and got the chance to explain her injury in detail. Fortunately it was not a cut night, and the girls will get another chance to prove themselves.

To be continued…
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