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What To Do If You Didn't Make Your Dream Pro Cheer Team - CheerTime 101
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What To Do If You Didn’t Make Your Dream Pro Cheer Team

legendsPro cheer audition season has come to a close, but it’s just now beginning for semi-pro teams. If you have found yourself wondering why you didn’t make your dream team–consider getting more experience by auditioning for a semi professional dance team.

Going semi-pro can bring you many benefits…

Performance Readiness: You will perform in front of hundreds of fans learning the importance of dancing big and with power.

Dancing as a Team: It takes skill to dance in sync along with your teammates. Dancing alone is easy, but performing as one unit takes a lot of practice. Not only are you required to dance clean and in unity, you must also learn how to dance in formation watching lines and guiding with the dancers around you.

Beauty Perfection: You will get the opportunity to experiment with your look. With having to kittensperform week after week, you’ll most likely get used to applying your own makeup and styling your own hair. Before you know it, you will have perfected your look.

Building Stamina: It takes more than just activities such as cardio to get into dancer shape–you must actually dance and perform. Dancing uses muscles you just can’t utilize with running and walking. When you’re performing and dancing, your body is working so much harder. In the end, you’ll end up in better shape and you’ll be able to get through long performances.

absMolding You Body: Again, dancing forces your body to utilize more muscles than your traditional work out–and ultimately you will tone your body.

Learning choreography Faster: Our brains are just like any other muscle, you have to work it out. Learning choreography is an amazing thinking exercise that forces one to transfer information they see and copy it. Practicing this exercise over and over will cause you to eventually learn and remember choreography faster.

Here are is an example of an amazing dancer that started her journey as a semi pro cheerleader and finished as a pro!

jo semi  jo DCC

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Joannah Liad

elastic tits

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