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Meet Captains Nicole and Patricia of the Palm Beach Makos Cheerleaders - CheerTime 101
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Meet Captains Nicole and Patricia of the Palm Beach Makos Cheerleaders

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My name is Nicole Baglino. I am Italian and African-American, also a native to South Florida. I’ve always loved dancing, but never really had many opportunities to do it. I took dance in seventh grade and it was so much fun! When I entered high school I decided to tryout for the cheerleading squad and  made the team, eventually becoming a captain! I also1656009_10152227155491488_1593201857_n cheered in college for one year while being assistant coach to the Inlet Grove High School cheerleading team. I’m now part of the Palm Beach Makos Semi Pro Cheerleaders. I realized how difficult dancing technically really was, and this team has helped me so much to improve my dancing skills. Dancing and cheerleading has always put me in a good mood no matter how sad I was, and I just love it! Eventually I plan to tryout for a professional team in Florida. After I graduate, I plan to coach a team for whichever school I work at.

262659_653653494672792_665255270_nMy name is Patricia Pearl I was born in New Jersey, but raised in beautiful South Florida. My love for dance didn’t occur to me until my sophomore year of high school. I originally had taken a dance class as an easy A elective, and instantly became obsessed. From there I auditioned and made my school’s dance team. I danced for 2 years at my school and in dance company for 1 year. During my senior year I became a Palm Beach Makos Cheerleader. I am now going into my 3rd season and it’s my 2nd season as a captain. Being a Palm Beach Makos Cheerleader has led me into backup dancing for multiple talented artists. I’ve started dancing and modeling in several music videos and commercials, and I’ve auditioned for a variety of types of semi-pro and pro teams. I’ve realized with the dance community that it’s good to do your share of charity work and get to know different people–it leads to an endless amount of opportunities. I am currently a Palm Beach Makos Cheerleader, an ABA Goldrush dancer, a backup dancer, a Taste Lady Burlesque dancer, a Striker dancer–and I’m loving every minute of it!

What do you love most about your current team?

N: I love the fact that we get to do charity events all over our town. This has helped me greatly improve my dancing skills!

P: The bond that all of us girls share.

What is your favorite social media outlet?

makos 2N: I only use Facebook, my name on there is Nicole Michelle Bella.

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Palm Beach Makos Cheerleaders and Palm Beach Makos Cheerteam

P: I love Instagram! I love to post all my cheer/dance videos on there!

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Instagram patricia_pearl 
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Name 1 fitness tip you would recommend for dancers and cheerleaders.

N: Always eat breakfast and never skip meals! Eating right is a major problem when it comes to fitness.

P: Don’t skip leg day! Strong legs come in handy with dance and cheer.

What performer would you drop everything for to go and see?

N: Michael Jackson R.I.P. But if I must choose someone living, I would love to see Christina Aguilera.

P: Hands down Jennifer Lopez!

What was your most memorable moment as a professional cheerleader?

1244573_599971726721839_1837178045_oN: When we did an event at a local music festival called Sunfest. It was Kid’s Day, and we met a special needs cheerleading team. We showed them a dance and it was so nice and heart warming!

P: Volunteering at St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital. The children were so sweet!1071210_599971540055191_488143051_o

What advice would you give to future cheerleaders auditioning for pro teams?

N: Join a dance class! You must have technical dance skills with pro cheer. I always loved dancing, but never had the opportunity to take proper lessons. This is my first year taking ballet and last year I couldn’t even do a pirouette!

P: Always have your hair and makeup done nicely

What would be your dream job in the world of  pro cheer?

N: To be a Miami Dolphins or Florida Panthers Cheerleader. It would also be nice to be the head of a professional squad as well.

P: To be a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.

What are your dancing goals for the future?

N: Since I am going to school to become a second grade teacher, I would love to teach kids dancing or cheerleading.

P: To be a backup dancer for many big time artists and dance in music videos.

What is your must have beauty item?

65713_10150104121763047_6609874_nN: MAC concealer baby! Best thing invented ever!

P: No brainer…LIPSTICK!

Do you have any pets?

N: Yes little Cassidy! My slightly overweight and greedy Terrier Maltese mix. She looks like a white baby seal Lol!

P: I have a little puppy who just turned a year old, and she is my world! You can find her on my Instagram!makos 4

What is an inspirational quote you would like to share?

makos 1N: “You are never too young or old to live, laugh, love, and dance!”
P: “When you fall down, because we all do, take that to push yourself to get up even stronger.”480728_467234846647992_1200881994_n

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