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Audition Tip: What if I'm a Slow Learner? - CheerTime 101
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Audition Tip: What if I’m a Slow Learner?

5 Ways to Become A Faster Learner…

Most pro cheer teams make it a requirement to perform choreography almost immediately laker audafter learning the material. This is the part of auditions that I always hated and always struggled with.  Here are some tips to help you at auditions if you are a slow learner…

  • Try to at least master the first 8 count.  My first year auditioning for a pro team was for the Sacramento Kings.  I advanced to finals with hitting my beginning poses and really executing the first eight count.  I was a very slow learner and had no studio training. Because I truly showed what I was capable of, the judges granted me another opportunity and I advanced to finals the next day. This bought me more time to practice all night and the next day.
  • Smile, smile & smile!  It is so important to smile because it shows confidence. Even
    Sasha Agent DCC 2010-2012if you’re not confident, you must pretend.  This shows the judges that you can appear to have fun, even if you’ve messed up. The reality is that you might mess up on a game day or during a performance–but the true test is, can you recover?
  • As you are learning, try not to feel defeated. I noticed that when I begin to feel overwhelmed when learning choreography, I have a tendency to shut down–which of course sets me further behind. So to prevent frustration and anxiety, stay positive! Trick your mind into wanting to learn and you’ll be surprised what you’re capable of.
  • Before your audition, try to enroll in a weekly dance class to prepare your brain for dance classthe quick learning it will have to endure. If you are constantly learning, you’re exercising your brain as if you’re exercising a muscle. This is a brain teaser that’s absolutely necessary if you want to increase your learning speed.
  • If you are a slow learner, be sure that you have enough work ethic to become a “take homer.” Take homers are people who are able to learn the choreography enough to take it home to practice and know it by the next day. If you make a pro team, directors are usually sympathetic to take homers, but you must have the discipline to come back knowing the choreography the next day.

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