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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team Recap Ep. 4 - CheerTime 101
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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team Recap Ep. 4

Screenshot 2014-08-05 16.58.31In week 2 of training camp on episode 4 of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team, the vets and the TCCs take the mini field at Valley Ranch for their first attempt at the signature kickline and traditional jump split (Yikes! I remember my first jump split attempt in training camp).

Judy quickly taught the proper kick technique and choreography, yet was disappointed with the rookies progress. The girls took it back to the studio to prepare to dance in groups, and although some TCCs were still lacking showmanship and dance technique, at this point Kelli and Judy were looking for perfected choreography.

After the first rehearsal of the episode, Kelli called in fan favorite and former mavs dancer, Loren Screenshot 2014-09-02 23.08.58and former Buccaneers cheerleader, Meagan. When Loren was brought in, they first addressed areas to work on like her tendency to rush through choreography and her facials. Kelli then ended on a high note letting Loren know that she made it into training camp without the help of her fans. Out of the 43 candidates, she placed 36–meaning she earned her spot fair and square. I loved Loren’s reaction. She was truly grateful of the news they shared, yet at the same time very humble. Meagan was called in next and Kelli immediately mentioned her heavier build, which she seemed to notice during the kickline. Kelli ended the meeting hoping that the uniform favored Meagan’s petite body frame for uniform fittings.

Next the girls went to AT&T Stadium for uniform fittings, which can be both very exciting, yet also Screenshot 2014-09-02 23.11.54frightening. Imagine being one on one with Kelli as she analyzed your body. So I really can only imagine what it would be like when Kelli’s concerned about one’s body weight such as Meagan, Courtney, and a few of the vets.

The vets joined the rookies at the stadium for a social media seminar and together they learned about the dark sides of social networking. The girls were encouraged to set their personal accounts to private and to also grow thick skin as they would face harsh criticism.

On the next night of rehearsal, the girls prepared to perform the four routines they learned, but first Kelli surprised them with special guest, Melissa Rycroft. Melissa shared how she got picked on by Kitty Carter and was ironically called “shy guy,” which then presented the perfect Screenshot 2014-09-02 22.56.36segue to introduce the infamous Kitty Carter. Kitty, who seemed to make her appearance a bit early this season, observed along with Kelli, Judy and Melissa–as well as offered her honest and blunt critiques. The girls performed in groups categorized by age starting with the 18-23 year olds. Veteran Jenna stood out so much that she made the other TCCs kind of fade out. With the 24-25 year olds, TCC Meagan really popped, but Kitty was immediately concerned with how she would look in the uniform. Kitty also bluntly told Courtney to give more when performing (to put it nicely). Melissa Rycroft pulled Breelan and Ashley aside to give them an extra confidence booster. Next, the final group known as the, “senior citizens,” were called up to perform. They all consisted of vets and immediately Kitty noticed the weight issues.

Tension was high as everyone knew it was a cut night. Kelli called the following girls; Meagan, Screenshot 2014-09-02 23.03.40Courtney and vets Hannah, Brittany, Paige and Veronica. Veteran Hannah was called in first and Kelli quickly addressed the reality–she no longer fit the uniform and her weight was too visible. Hannah gave an amazing response and explained that as an ambassador for the organization, she wanted to lose the weight in a healthy way. Kelli and Judy both agreed that there just wasn’t enough time. After Hannah exited, Judy told Kelli that vets with weight issues simply need to be cut at auditions to avoid the emotional pain in the end. Next, Kelli calls in veteran Paige as well to address her weight. Paige was made aware that she had gained significant weight since her rookie year–she was let off with a warning. Veterans Brittany and Veronica were also quickly brought in regarding weight, but were let off with warnings. TCC Courtney was then brought in, and they explained that they were concerned with her short build and weight. They mentioned that they knew she was practically working all day out of her car, and wanted to know what she was doing for food. Courtney broke down and explained that balancing pharmaceutical sales and DCC was too stressful, and that she would most likely be quitting the next day. Kelli reassured Courtney by explaining that if she made the team, DCC would help her find a job. Courtney still realized that this could potentially be a risk due to the fact that she may still get cut and end up with no job in the end. Finally, TCC Meagan was called inScreenshot 2014-09-02 23.06.40 and immediately she remained very positive and realistic. Before entering the office, she explained to CMT that she was at peace with what she brought to practice that evening and understood that her body type could not be changed. Kelli explained that they loved her as a performer, but they all agreed that her body was too stalky for the uniform. Kelli reiterated that it was not a weight issue, and that it was simply the way her body was. Meagan wished the reason was anything else other than her body type that removed her from training camp because any other issue could potentially be corrected.

I hate the cut nights!!! : (

Stay tuned for episode 5 this Friday!

To be continued…
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