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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team Recap Ep. 5 - CheerTime 101
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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team Recap Ep. 5

On episode 5 of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team, the TCCs got a taste of theScreenshot 2014-09-08 20.05.53 glamorous life as they received their anticipated rookie makeovers.  Most girls had subtle changes giving them that pop of vibrant hair color, but there is always one shocker, and this season it was fan favorite Loren. Kelli criticized Loren’s hair saying it was as yellow as a highlighter. She envisioned Loren’s new look as a fierce brunette.  Immediately I could tell Loren was a bit hesitant, and who could blame her–she explained to CMT that she had been blonde her entire life. In the end, Kelli’s vision became a reality whether Loren accepted it or not. Luckily you really can’t go wrong with Kelli’s visions. Loren’s look in the end was amazing, making her beautiful features pop even more than they did before.

Screenshot 2014-09-08 21.35.32Next, Kelli brought vets Brittney, Veronica, Paige and TCC Courtney to My Fit Foods for consultations. My Fit Foods is a company that specializes in providing delicious, yet convenient meals meant for people on the go. They are known for having great results with their 21 Day Challenge. Along with Kelli, the girls met with a My Fit Foods consultant and together they planned meals that would get them to that ideal DCC body before the first game.

It was back to the studio, and Allen American Ice Angel director, Stephanie Dibiase-Wheat, came in to teach the girls a spunky country routine. Kelli broke the girls into groups by hair color–most likely a strategy to really see the TCCs new makeovers next to the vets. Many of the girls, including vets, struggled with the choreography–but Kelli made the decision to only call in TCCs Courtney, Ashley and Loren. Courtney was called in first, and Kelli first wanted to address her job situation. Courtney revealed that she decided to quit her job due to having to cover very distant territories every three weeks–something that would not be realistic for a DCC. Kelli reminded her again that the DCC had connections that could link Courtney with the right employment for her. Kelli ended the meeting explaining that Courtney looked good at rehearsals, and she was encouraged to keep up the great work. Loren walked in next, and immediately Kelli and Judy wanted to Screenshot 2014-09-08 22.59.22address her “hair shock.” Loren did admit that the change was a bit shocking and explained that she liked it, but just needed to get used to it. Kelli then touched on their expectations of Loren and explained that at auditions she was good, but she needed to now be great. Finally Ashley, who has flown under the radar, was called in. Kelli told her that she had bright moments, but was not within the top 36. They also explained that while learning the choreography, she did not deliver, and at this point, she needed to step up her game.

The show took a nice turn and brought the viewers to a new location–Belk, a department storeScreenshot 2014-09-08 20.15.48 new to the Galleria in Dallas, Texas. The TCCs were taken through a Do’s and Don’ts fashion seminar hosted by Kelli and some of the vets. Kelli expressed the importance of appearing as a representative of the Dallas Cowboys organization at all times. After the seminar, Kelli introduced as surprise–and like TCC Alexandra said, surprises don’t always bring the best news. Kelli revealed that the girls would be participating in a Belk fashion show before an audience. The fashion show turned out to be a fun activity for the girls to participate in, even though their nerves were a bit scrambled.

Screenshot 2014-09-08 20.21.12Melissa Rycroft came back to take her three favorite girls in for a “safe zone” practice. She pulled each girl aside one by one telling them specific comments made by Judy. She explained to Ashley that she needed to make the transition from being a cheerleader to a dancer. She revealed to Chandler that she was a great dancer, but only showed one face–which was a nervous smile. And finally, she told Breelan that she had to quickly find confidence because she was allowing her fear to take over. Melissa also used a camera to film the girls dancing so they could see what they were doing and therefore change.

The 4th week into rehearsals, the girls were placed into their normal game day groups. This time, last season’s fan favorite Vivian caught the eye of Kelli and Judy. They mentioned that she seemed to have lost her power with the new dance they learned. Next, the girls were told to hook up in groups to perform the kickline, and Christina made Kelli and Judy aware that she strained her hamstring. She was told to kick off to the side, but Kelli immediately questioned why they were hanging on to her when she was always injured.

It was obvious that a cut night was in the works, and once again, tensions were high. This time, only Christina and Vivian were called in the office. Vivian was up first, and they said she seemed different and distant this year as opposed to last season–even questioning her solo choice at auditions. Screenshot 2014-09-08 20.35.59Vivian honestly answered and revealed how a break up prior to auditions influenced her passionate solo and was most likely the reason why she seemed low at times. Kelli urged Vivian to let go and not to let her past influence her future with the DCC.  Finally, they called in Christina and explained that they liked her, but the bottom line was that she was not making improvements. She was told that they would be releasing her from training camp, yet they still encouraged her to come back with healthy legs the next season.

The competition increases as girls say good-bye. Stay tuned for this week’s episode as the pressure becomes more intense and the focus is placed on new TCCs.

 To be continued…
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