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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team Recap Ep. 6 - CheerTime 101
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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team Recap Ep. 6

On Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team, It’s already week 6 into training camp and the girls have about 2 weeks left before their first football game.  Forty women remain, but Kelli and Judy are set on having a squad of thirty-six for the 2014-2015 season.

guthrieChoreographer DJ Guthrie was invited out to Valley Ranch to teach the girls a contemporary piece. His style was extremely intricate, especially compared to the traditional pom routines performed by the cheerleaders. This time around, Kelli looked for girls that appeared polished and technical to help her truly see who should make the squad.

Mentor Melissa Rycroft was also invited back to help assist Kelli while Judy was away. After the girls learned and performed choreography, Melissa pulled Caila and Breelan to discuss some issues. She addressed how they both looked fearful and lacked confidence. She noted how Breelan tried to remain out of sight while learning Guthrie’s choreography, as well as how Caila was losing her confidence. Caila did admit that being the youngest caused her to feel a bit intimidated.

Next, Kelli had the girls get into the kickline to show off their kicks and jump splits. Kelli Lorennoticed that Vivian was holding back on the jump split and that Loren’s kicks were not where they needed to be. This concerned Kelli which brought her to call the two girls into her office.

Vivian was called in first, and Kelli immediately addressed Vivian failing to do the jump split. Vivian explained how she pulled her hamstring at the beginning of training camp and had been pulling out of the kickline in order to heal. As for rehab and treating her hamstring, Vivian said that she had been taking weekly yoga classes, and recently started Bar Method. The meeting was wrapped up with Vivian convincing Kelli that she was ready to attempt the jump split full out.

Loren was called in next and Kelli shared concerns over her kicks. Loren, in turn, became very emotional and Kelli convinced her not to over think being called in the office. Kelli ended with telling Loren to really push her kicks and show that she deserved a spot on the team.

cameoNext, the girls got well rested for their big day of cameo photo shoots. This can be a very exciting day for a rookie because it’s the first time they get to put on the official uniform tailored for their body. On the other hand, it can also be very scary as they will be judged and analyzed by Kelli and Judy.

The vets that were placed on weight probation looked amazing! TCC Courtney had lost 8 to 9 pounds, looking cameo 2like a new girl.  She also received major kudos from Kelli. TCC Ashley also made a turn around receiving a wonderful compliment from Judy. Judy explained that she was the most photogenic girl of the day. Cameos can also make TCCs stand out due to not standing out at all. Rookies Mallory and Chandler did not look comfortable on set, and unfortunately it showed through their photos.

melissa cameoMelissa held a separate practice for Breelan and Caila, yet they quickly came to find out that they would be doing little dancing. Melissa surprised them with an intervention session with Caila’s parents and Breelan’s mom. Melissa felt an emotional intervention would help the girls really open up so they could receive feedback from the ones that truly knew them the best. We will soon determine if this intervention will save them from themselves.

For the final rehearsal of the week, the girls took the field at Valley Ranch. Anxiety was clearly evident, as the girls surely knew it was a cut night. At rehearsal, TCC Mallory ironically stood out for blending too much and getting lost. Kelli noted that Caila looked off in the kickline, but had good power. Kelli questioned Judy about Alexandra, asking if they were only delaying the inevitable. They noticed that she was struggling with her kicks and some of the choreography. Judy took notice that Vivian looked out of her normal punchy element–but I know better than anyone that cut nights bring the mistakes out of you. No matter how well you know a routine, Kelli and Judy definitely bring the nerves.  On a positive note, Breelan looked more confident and was told that she was dancing with her hair more–which is always a plus. Vivian also ended the evening with a beautiful jumpsplit, demonstrating that she was indeed recovered from her injury.

nicoleAfter rehearsal the following TCCs, along with their group leaders, were called into the office… Alexandra, Mallory and Vivian.

Alexandra entered Kelli’s office with veteran group leader Nicole. Alexandra was told that she made a lot of mistakes that evening–they also shared their concern of delaying the inevitable. Kelli and Judy both revealed that they were both on her side–which was a HUGE compliment for Alexandra. They also shared that they weren’t ready to give up on her. Yay Alexandra!

Mallory entered with veteran group leader Holly, and she was told that she just wasn’t Holly DCCstanding out enough. She admitted that she let her nerves get the best of her. Kelli and Judy both encouraged her to get more experience with auditioning, and to audition the following season.

Sydney DCCVeteran Sydney came in along with her TCC Vivian, and Kelli explained how they just weren’t convinced about her placement on the squad. Vivian explained that she wasn’t quite sure how to act as they addressed her normal bubbly personality as opposed to this year’s more serious personality. Vivian also explained how it was the day after cameos last year that she got cut. This was causing her a ton of anxiety. Thankfully, Kelli and Judy gave her another chance, meaning she made it past her official cut night last year. : ) Go Viv!

The race to the finish line continues, but time is running out. Now 39 women remain with a projected squad of 36. Stay tuned for episode 7 this week!

To be continued…
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