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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team Recap Ep. 7 - CheerTime 101
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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team Recap Ep. 7

Screenshot 2014-08-05 16.58.31On Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team season 9, the pressure is on as the girls head into week 7 of training camp. 39 girls remain, but with a game less than 2 weeks away, the pressure is on to make that ideal squad of 36.

Kelli and Judy brought training camp to the infamous AT&T stadium, hoping to get the girls used to the idea of treating the field as their main stage–which can be extremely intimidating. Judy explained that at that point, they were looking for performers that didn’t freak out in tough situations.

Speaking of tough situations, Judy had the girls learn the across the field entrance–something that can be very difficult to learn. On top of learning the walk and trying to make it powerful, yet graceful (a problem that I had), you also had to pay extra attention to yard lines and guide with the girls in your line. Every 4th count your foot should step on a major yard line. Unfortunately, it seemed as if most of the TCCs struggled with this concept.

accrossTo add on to the pressure, the TCCs were asked to enter on with the new entrance that was just learned, along with the Thunder Struck pregame routine. Major performance props was given to a new TCC standout by the name of Victoria from Louisiana. As a dental hygienist for Dr. Anthony B. Henegar, the official dentist of the DCC, Victoria was told by her boss to consider auditioning for the DCC.

To mix it up a bit, two women were called into Kelli and Judy’s stadium office; TCCs Chandler and Alexandra.

Chandler was called in first. She was told that she held a lot of tension in her neck and was at times spastic. On the other hand they complimented her cute  and fresh face–giving her the assignment to stay fresh and fluid.

alexaAlexandra was up next, and the outcome already seemed to be evident on the faces of Kelli and Judy. On a positive note, Kelli and Judy both seemed to have the up most respect for Alexandra–giving her the feedback that she was smart, beautiful, and fit so well in the DCC environment. The reality at the moment however, was that technique and flexibility issues prevented her from being ready for this season. The reality for the “future” was that Alexandra would be right for this team. Upon exiting with grace, Alexandra also asked for a hug–which is so rare, and it was genuine. Kelli said it the best, “Character over cosmetics.” It was evident that she truly made an impact on the DCC organization. Well done Alexandra!

Mentor Melissa Rycroft invited the TCCs to meet up at a coffee house for a girl talk session. She reiterated how she understood their pressure and noted that everyone was so close to making the team, yet at the same time, they were all at risk of getting cut. She encouraged the girls to switch their mindset from being scared, to being proud of the journey they’ve made.

The girls headed back to Valley Ranch for a field rehearsal in boots for the first time. Kelli luchareminded the girls that the squad was currently at 38 and still needed to be cut down to 36. She emphasized that the girls had a job and that job was to earn their spot.

The girls started off with the kickline, and for the most part, things were looking pretty good. However, once the girls began to dance, nerves started to kick in. Kelli and Judy noted that Chandler still appeared awkward and Vivian had trouble with rushing counts. As the TCCs performed in groups, it was obvious that Kelli became frustrated and said that if a decision were made at this time, Breelan, Ashley, and Vivian would be cut.

A very frustrated Kelli stood before the team and announced who would be called into her office for the night–Breelan, Chandler and Vivian.

This was the first time Breelan was called into the office, and because she was being called in the last week of training camp, she was extremely nervous. Kelli and Judy were very honest with Breelan. They explained that they were tired of having to constantly repeat the same critiques, and she simply needed to attack the choreography. On a positive note (always a good thing to have with Kelli and Judy) they explained that the qualities she lacked were qualities that could be “developed.” However, Judy begged of her to just wake up, wow them, and to show them who she really was.

Sweet Chandler entered the office next, and unfortunately her fate would not be the same as Breelan’s. They explained that although she was bright and had great showmanship–a quality that they both appreciated, she was still lacking the style. Ultimately, they were out of time.

vivFinally, last year’s fan favorite and sweetheart, Vivian, was called in. It seemed as if she already knew her fate, which was most likely why she came prepared with a poem written to share with Kelli and Judy. Vivian’s poem reflected on her two-time journey auditioning for the DCC, and she expressed how badly she wanted to make this team. However, it was clear that the decision was already made. She was told that it seemed to be too much pressure for her, and there were just too many inconsistencies. We wish you the best Vivian!

The magic number has been reached, but Kelli doesn’t seem to be absolutely sold on the remaining 36  women. One more week will reveal which girls can take the pressure to be one of the best.

To be continued…
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