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DIY Dance: Grunge Graphic Tee - CheerTime 101
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DIY Dance: Grunge Graphic Tee

DIY Graphic Dance T-ShirtI absolutely love the new graphic t-shirt grunge look, it makes finding dance clothes fun and easy. However, instead of paying for pricey store brand tops, you may want to raid your drawers, or better yet your boyfriend’s–and find your next DIY project!

I recently found an old basketball t-shirt Screenshot 2014-08-29 20.38.08that belonged to my hubby and had a vision. My first vision was inspired by a style that I saw on Free People’s website. The designers simply cut random holes all throughout the t-shirt. Brilliant right?! However, pretty pricey for something so simple. So I thought it would be cool to combine my love for graphic Tees with this distressed hole look to create a new dance shirt. The best part was that it would be for FREE!

Screenshot 2014-08-31 21.05.27

Dress up your Tee with a cozy sweater               Dress down your Tee with cut off shorts   Dress up your Tee with skinny jeans and pumps

Finished product of my DIY graphic grunge T-Shirt

Step 1: Find your old/new t-shirt

photo 5 (5)

Step 2: Cut off the sleeves and clean up all of the scrappy edges.

photo 4 (10)

Step 3: Pinch a tiny portion of your t-shirt and cut a narrow and oval-shaped hole. Repeat this step as many times as you want and at random. You may also want to cut a variety of sizes.
photo 2 (13)photo (13)
Bonus Step: For an added twist, add connected fringe to the sides of your shirt by cutting strips that gradually decrease in size. Start at the bottom of the shirt (along a side) and work your way up making each cut shorter as you work your way up. You may want a lot of fringe, or you may only want a little–you are the designer!
photo 1 (13)photo 1 (14)photo 2 (15)photo 3 (12)photo 4 (12)photo 5 (7)

 Have Fun!

See how to dress this look up…  www.sashaagent.blogspot.com



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