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Happy "Guilt Free" Thanksgiving! My Top 5 Post Thanksgiving Workouts - CheerTime 101
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Happy “Guilt Free” Thanksgiving! My Top 5 Post Thanksgiving Workouts

We are all familiar with the cycle… We work so hard for our summer body, and even try to maintain during the fall–that is until Thanksgiving. And there’s nothing wrong with stuffing your face on Thanksgiving day, but this is usually when the cycle spirals downhill. We eat and eat, and then there’s the leftovers, and then it gets really cold and all you really want to do is snuggle up, watch a good movie and EAT!  Christmas quickly rolls around and before you know it, you’ve gained a good 10 to 15 pounds.

To all my girls auditioning for pro teams in the spring, gaining holiday weight can really hurt your chances of making your dream team, so why risk it? Well here is some turkey motivation for ya…  Five great workouts to quickly burn off all that turkey and pie!

Select a workout that works best for you, and of course feel free to modify.

Found on fit2flex.comI like the “Turkey Burn” workout because it’s something that can be done in the comfort of your own home and it divides each workout using fun and festive titles. I would conduct this full workout 3 times throughout the day–so that means 3 appetizers, 3 entrees and 3 desserts (not literally) :).


Found on theworkoutmama.comThis next workout is simple, yet effective.  “Burn the Bird Workout” was created for those who don’t mind a little cardio–so if you don’t have a treadmill, be prepared to hit the cool outdoors.  One thing I’ve learned during my pro cheer years was the importance of cardio. No matter how many sit ups or squats you may do, you will never be able to see the end result without burning the surrounding fat.  This workout includes both cardio and muscle building–the best of both worlds!

Found on twitter.com “The Anywhere Workout” is great because you can take advantage of it where ever you may be!  I would utilize this workout immediately after Thanksgiving and continue with it until New Year’s day.  I would then start fresh with a new workout.  If you’re not into the whole running thing, then this workout could be for you.  The burpees, lunges and push ups will allow you to tone up your muscles while increasing your heart rate.  I would recommend performing each workout 3 times a day, and I would also set a realistic time limit–for example, you may try to complete each workout under 5 minutes.


Found on facebook.comI love the name of this workout–“Planksgiving.” However, with this workout, you’re limited to only toning up your core.  If you plan on showing off your abs anytime soon, you’d better supplement this workout with some cardio to burn those excess calories. So, find an additional workout from this blog to add to this workout.



Found on runladylike.comFinally, the “Torch that Turkey” post workout.  This workout is perfect for someone like me because I’m one that likes to keep it simple and run (if I absolutely have to).  Of course you can modify the distance you run to meet your needs.  Just make sure that you make this workout continuous to keep your heart rate increased.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Warning: It is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning an exercise program. Make sure you are in good physical condition before participating in these exercise routines.
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