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#OperationMakeTheTeam - CheerTime 101
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IMG_3382‘Tis The Season… audition season that Is. That’s right, it’s almost here! I can almost smell the spray tan and hair spray. For some of you, auditions will be here in a matter of a couple of months, so are you ready? Most likely you’re not. But no need to worry–here is your 2015 audition guide to the rescue–introducing #OperationMakeTheTeam.  Want more help? No worries… in the next coming weeks I will break down each category on the list to provide you with more help and resources.

Good Luck!

IMG_42141. Abs, abs and more abs. This is a must, especially since the holidays just passed.  Most likely your summer abs have been blanketed by turkey and pie. So if you want to wow the judges at auditions, make sure you walk in feeling nice and confident. The last thing you want is to get cut over being soft in the middle, so make sure you work your abs everyday.  Check out my fitness page for specific ab workouts!


2. Burn the jiggle. Unfortunately the ugly “C” word goes hand in hand with the whole ab thing. Screenshot 2015-07-09 05.33.32 Yep! I’m sure you guessed it, cardio. I get it–for most of us, cardio is so not fun. It can be time-consuming, painful and it just plain sucks. Do whatever you need to find that motivation, whether it’s running, cycling, or Zumba’ing, ha! Just make sure your heart rate is working overtime so you can burn that excess fat. Remember, sit ups are almost pointless if your abs are hiding under a layer of fat. For specific cardio routines, click here!

DCC Auditions (Finals)3. The search for audition attire. Find audition attire that’s flattering for you. Start researching now so you’re not scrambling to find something last minute. You want to feel confident and beautiful, not self-conscious and insecure. So this means that you must begin selecting that perfect audition set now before it’s too late. I would first start online.  But don’t feel limited to searching dance costumes.  I wrote a blog on finding audition attire, see here.

smile4. Stretch, stretch, and oh yeah, stretch!  I can’t stress this enough. Even if you’re the most flexible person in the world, stretch to at least maintain flexibility and to prevent injuries.  When I auditioned for Cowboys, it was mandatory to have the splits–something I’ve never had.  Therefore, I couldn’t afford to miss a day of stretching.  If you’re like me and you need the splits, higher kicks, leaps or jumps, then make sure you are stretching everyday.

Screenshot 2015-07-08 01.21.285. Experiment with hair and make-up. Begin experimenting with your hair now, so that you still have time to change it if needed. You may want to stand out be cutting it short or maybe you want to try a new color. As for make-up, practice, practice, practice! It took me years to finally figure out what works best for me. Find a look you want and simply try to copy it. Practice as you get ready everyday until you have your desired look.

6. Perfect your head shots by practicing. Head shots may just be your first and last IMG_3325 (1)impression on the judges, so make sure they are perfect. The worst thing you can do is send in something that gives you an immediate no.  So practice!  Even selfies can help you, but my advice would be to have someone else take a series of pictures of you in front of a blank background for more realistic posing practice. Crop and edit your own pictures, and you never know, you may just find a keeper.

Hashtag your #operationmaketheteam photos on social media so I can follow your progress!

You never know, you may meet a friend to help motivate you along the way!
Stay tuned for more on #operationmaketheteam!

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1 Comment on #OperationMakeTheTeam

  1. Dana Crowell
    January 4, 2016 at 12:54 pm (2 years ago)

    Thank you for the information and advice. I am auditioning for Titans Cheerleading this year and am starting to prepare even more so for Spring auditions. I watched your videos and you are a great dancer! Congratulations on making the Cowboys! That is amazing! :)


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