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Choreography: Lunatic by Sasha Agent - CheerTime 101
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Choreography: Lunatic by Sasha Agent

Lunatic By Sasha Agent

Hip Hop/Jazz Routine

Lunatic By Sasha AgentWe are in the midst of audition season–and while you may be getting your hair, abs, kicks, and audition attire in check, you might be forgetting the most important thing… dance!  It’s easy to get caught up with audition preparations, but just remember that it’s super important to practice everyday!

In addition to taking weekly classes–push yourself by taking my online classes and working on freestyling. Enjoy learning wherever you please, but just make sure that you’re giving it your all and taking everything seriously.

At the start of the video, study my accents with the music, my facials and power. Once I begin teaching the choreography, be sure to pay close attention to each movement, copying the choreography exactly how it is taught. With pro cheer, the directors and judges are looking for dancers that are able to dance as a team, not just as an individual. Therefore, avoid adding your own individual style. This dance was meant to be super clean and powerful, just like it would need to be on the field or court. Finally, make sure you use the first eight counts of the music to freestyle.  Freestyling is a component that is usually part of the pro cheer audition process, so make sure you get super comfortable with it.

Most importantly, have fun learning! You’ll be surprised with how much faster you learn, all because you’re enjoying yourself!

Use #cheertime101 if you want to show off a video of yourself performing my routine. Also, feel free to leave a comment or tag @snafierce on Instagram if you want me to critique it for you :).

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