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Finding the Perfect Pair... Audition Attire - CheerTime 101
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Finding the Perfect Pair… Audition Attire

#OperationMakeTheTeam #3: Audition Attire

Via The Line Up 419-19K Zsa Zsa with RhinestonesFinding that perfect audition 2 piece can be very stressful.  Not only are you trying to look amazing, but you’re also trying to dance amazing without falling out of your top.  For all 6 of my pro cheer auditions, I always tried to create something that was flattering on my body type, as well as safe to dance in.

The first thing you want to determine when selecting your audition attire is your color.  Here’s what you should keep in mind… Find a color that is flattering on you and that will make you stand out. Keep in mind that your color may also be the favorite color of 100 other girls–so you may want to look into different tones or even different styles.

Next you will want to determine your style. Be sure that you select a style that is flattering on your body type.  For example, I have very boxy shoulders, so I always tried to select halter tops to soften my arms.

Finally, you’ll want to determine your level of blingage, which sounds funny, but it’s important. Some people don’t add any rhinestones at all, and this is most likely a mistake. Most costumes will need some bling to finish off its look. Rhinestones can literally take a plain jane sports bra and turn into a flashy costume.  However, beware… it is easy to under bling or get carried away by over blinging.

Now you’ll need to decide whether you want to purchase your audition attire or get it custom designed.  I have never purchased my attire from a company–I’ve always found a way to get something personally made out of fear of looking like someone else.  But these days, there are more options out there for custom touches.

Focus Top and V Short Via Angela King DesignsIf you click on each picture, you’ll find some companies that could provide you with what you’re looking for, but don’t forget you have other options too. I always find cool stuff in the swimwear section on various sites. Just be sure to stay clear of busy patterns and string bikinis that offer no support. If you do find a swimwear top, be prepared to also purchase separate boy shorts or plain black bottoms. Bikini bottoms will not give you the support or coverage that you need.  Also, be prepared to bling up your top and possibly even the lining of your bottoms.

Remember, you have #operationmaketheteam here to support you.  Hashtag your pictures so I can support you throughout your journey.  Good Luck!

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