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#OperationMakeTheTeam #4: Stretching - CheerTime 101
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#OperationMakeTheTeam #4: Stretching

Screenshot 2014-01-03 21.15.10You’ll be surprised of all the benefits stretching has to offer. Stretching relaxes your muscles, which then cause a reduction in stress. This is why I like to stretch after a long and stressful day.

It is also a workout in itself. Many people skip stretching because they want to jump right into their workout, however, they’re missing out on another workout and burning extra calories. Stretching your muscles increases blood flow, which then helps aid in the supply of nutrients to your muscles and bones. Finally, when your muscles are relaxed and receiving all of the nutrients needed, you’re most likely going to reduce your chances of getting injured.

Check out my resources below for help with stretching…

Screenshot 2014-03-17 19.22.57

I created this stretching routine for those who needed to get the splits fast in order to make a team. This was my reality when I was preparing to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  I am someone who never had the splits until I began following this stretching technique learned from a karate instructor. I then came up with this routine to get the splits, and it brought me fast results.  I had the splits within 2 months of consistent stretching!


Again, people fail to understand that real stretching is actually a work out–meaning, if you Found on health.allwomenstalk.comstretch correctly, you are going to be sore. The number one mistake that people make is not stretching through tight and sore muscles. When you take a break because you’re sore, you will actually lose flexibility. Stretching through the pain will cause the discomfort to go away more quickly, and eventually you’ll see greater gains.

So here’s an amazing routine that will help you maintain flexibility all while soothing those sore hammies.


Found on sincerelyyjules.wordpress.com   Finally, you’re going to need a generic stretching routine.  Think back to middle school PE… There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. You don’t have to perform fancy yoga poses in order to get a good stretch. In fact, when you stick to the basics, you are ensuring that you a targeting all of the major muscles.


Remember, you have #operationmaketheteam here to support you.  Hashtag your pictures so I can support you throughout your journey.  Good Luck!

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