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NBA Dance Team Auditions TIps: What Are They Looking For? Memphis Grizzlies Grizz Girls - CheerTime 101
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NBA Dance Team Auditions TIps: What Are They Looking For? Memphis Grizzlies Grizz Girls

Memphis Grizzlies Grizz Girls

Welcome to the world of NBA dance teams, where the energy is high, the routines are fierce, and the cheerleaders are athletes. With NBA dance teams, there is a bit more wiggle room for fast transitions, intricate choreography and trendy routines with amazing style. The Memphis Grizzlies Grizz Girls are no different. Here is what this team is looking for in a cheerleader…

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Crowd Appeal: Within a professional organization, it is very important to select cheerleaders Found on asiancemagazine.comthat are appealing to the crowd. The goal is to entertain the fans within the arena–so they are looking for cheerleaders that will make the fans want to watch them perform.

  • Do they look well put together?
  • Do their face expressions entertain the crowd and make them want to keep watching?
  • Do they look like they can serve as an ambassador to the organization?

Precision:  Precision, or accuracy—when it comes to dancing is extremely important.  One thing to keep in mind about professional cheerleading is that pro cheerleaders are really dance teams.  Most pro cheerleaders grew up in the dance studio and are very familiar with dance technique.  This team is looking for dancers that can perform not only as individuals, but also as a team.

  • Is their timing accurate with the music and counts?
  • Are they capable of dancing as a team?  Or do they stand out in a way that is distracting to the eye?
  • Do their motions and dance moves match those of the choreographer?  Or does the dancer lack the fundamental skills when it comes to arm placement or technicality?

Found on i.cdn.turner.comPower:  Power when dancing is a skill that is usually universal when it comes to professional cheerleading.  This team  is looking for cheerleaders that can produce movements that are sharp, powerful and big!  This is a must for the enormous arena they are performing in. For my tips on power, click here!

Physical Appearance and Athletic Ability
:  I would hate to be a judge when it comes to scoring based on physical appearance, because how can you score looks?  However, the reality is that physical appearance is another big part of being selected as a professional cheerleader.  Click here for tips on fitness and here for beauty tips!

  • Do they look physically fit?  Or will their body compliment the team uniform?
  • Do they have enough stamina to perform with full energy throughout an NBA game

Professionalism: Within any professional organization—especially when you are expected to represent that brand, it is very important to carry yourself with professionalism.  This means that you should stand out as an individual that the team can be proud of.  Click here for more on professionalism.

  • Can they speak to an audience in a professional manner?
  • Do they show signs of being prepared?  Did they show up on time with everything that was asked of them?
  • Do they promote themselves on social media in a respectful manner?

Technical Dance Ability: Many people think that it doesn’t require any skill to be aFound on procheerleaderheaven.blogspot.com
cheerleader, however, when they show up to the open call audition, they are often times surprised. Professional cheerleading requires an extensive background in dance.  In most cases, you must have some knowledge in Jazz, Pom, and Hip Hop—NBA cheerleading is usually a combination of the three.

  • Does the individual demonstrate proper technique with turns, kicks, leaps, etc…?
  • Are they able to catch on quickly to the choreography?  Can they perform the choreography after it was taught?


  1. Study the history and current basketball team facts.
  2. Make sure you know the name of the cheerleaders’ director.
  3. Watch videos of the cheerleaders to study their dance style.
  4. Work on building stamina by doing cardio at least 4 times a week.
  5. Experiment with hair and make up and use their current cheerleaders as a guide. Click here for hair and beauty tips.
  6. Work on getting abs by using my fitness resources.
  7. Purchase audition attire.
  8. Start working on eating well-balanced meals to keep your body energized–No crash dieting or fasting! Click here for nutrition tips.
  9. Take dance technique classes and choreography classes.
 For more information on the Grizz Girls and their audition process, click here!

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