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Meet CheerTime Contributor Brittany! - CheerTime 101
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Meet CheerTime Contributor Brittany!

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Hello everyone! My name is Brittany and I am from Ontario, California. A little bit of background about myself… I have been running track pretty much all of my life, and it wasn’t until I was a junior in high school that I realized my love for dance. I hung up my spikes, pursued my passion, and joined my high school dance company. Even though the desire to dance burned within me, I couldn’t set it ablaze because in reality, track was my ticket to pay for my education. However, I vowed to myself that once I had received my Bachelor’s Degree, I would dedicate all of my efforts to my dance career. In seeking out individuals who I felt shared the same passion, I came across “Cheertime101.” I met Sasha, the CEO of Cheertime101 through Instagram. She took me under her wings, and introduced me not only to her awesome style blog and YouTube channel, but also to this amazing pro cheer website. Once I read one article, I simply couldn’t stop reading. I read more and more, and was absolutely floored.

And now here I am, a CheerTime contributor! During my journey to going pro, I will be making a series of workout videos targeting different areas to not only to assist you all, but to also hold myself accountable.

Stay tuned for more fun, fit, and fabulous workout videos!

Follow me on my Instagram account @brittany_myricks and also subscribe to my YouTube channel BrittanyyLaurenn. Also don’t forget to tag me to show me your progress! Now… Let’s get busy!


Arnita Champion IG: @beachamp

Brittany Myricks IG: @Brittany_Myricks

YouTube: Brittanyy Laurenn‘s

Sasha Agent @snafierce



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