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Work it Out Wednesday with Shabella - CheerTime 101
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Work it Out Wednesday with Shabella

Hold me Accountable

So I’m gonna try something new, but I sort of need your help in regard to being held accountable… This summer, since time is on my side and all, I want to start working out. You see, I inherited these awesome genes from my dad where I really don’t have to be active to maintain my weight. Now, before you shut your laptop on me, hear me out when I say this isn’t exactly a blessing. With the food I eat and my lack of exercise, I feel like one day my health may dramatically turn on me–especially with diseases like cancer and heart disease being prevalent within my family.

The Plan

Starting today and hopefully every Wednesday, hopefully… I plan to share a “Work it Out” #OOTD (outfit of the day) as well as a fitness tip or “Work it Out” fitness routine. I figured, why not inspire my followers, all while improving my health? it’s a win win!

Today I’m rockin’ a beautiful mesh racer back tank and super chic mesh joggers from a new line known as Shabella. Shabella is a sporty-chic lifestyle brand perfect for women who aim to stay comfy, active, yet also chic and feminine. I honestly have never felt a fabric so soft, but what I love about today’s featured look the most… both pieces have a chic mesh design that creates a subtle edginess. You all know I’m all about that edge! Check out http://www.shabella.com, I promise you’ll fall in love!

Work it Out!

Cardio… Ughhh… I know, I know–but this is the best way to snap back into shape and lose weight. I created and used this, “Work it Out” routine to whip my body back into shape after having my two-year old–it seriously works–sucks, but works! You can read more about it here from my pro cheer blog, CheerTime101.

Cheertime101 cardio routine | Four Week Fat Burner

Shop Today’s Look:

Mesh Racer Back White Shabella white racer back mesh tankMesh Panel Jogger
Shabella mesh joggers

Shop the rest of my look here!

elastic tits

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