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What Are They Looking For? The Knicks City Dancers - CheerTime 101
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What Are They Looking For? The Knicks City Dancers


  • Screenshot 2014-02-09 12.35.55Dance Style and Ability:  Add a bit of broadway, with a lot of Jazz and Hip Hop–and you get the Knicks City Dancers!  These women are diverse dancers with a lot of formal training.  Of course!  They’re from New York!  The sky is the limit for this team, and they can clearly handle any style that is thrown their way, and perform it flawlessly as a team.
  • Dance Execution:  Although this team has style and flair, like the Laker Girls, they are able to perform their routines flawlessly and in unison.  This team dances with power and grace.
  • Individuality:  Diversity makes this team unique.  The Knicks City Dancers have amazing choreography, and I’m sure that being in the Big Apple helps.
  • Transitions:  Transitions are quick and clean.  Like the Laker Girls, they also keep Screenshot 2014-02-09 12.35.10their formations nice and clean.  The formations are also visually appealing, which is ideal for an arena setting.
  • Overall Appearance:  The Knicks City Dancers have their traditional cheerleader attire, yet they also dress for the occasion–depending on the routine.  They may just be the “fashionistas” of professional sports!


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